Christine`s Home


This is our home.
We have five children’s bedrooms each with a private full bathroom, which can accommodate up to 9 children. We have two master bedrooms with a private bathroom for our house-parents. We have a large kitchen with stainless steel appliances, including two refrigerators. We have a full size dining room with a dining set that accommodates twelve individuals. We have a large living room and a great room for children, both equipped with televisions and DVD players. The children use the great room to access the computers, play games, play video games, watch televisions, etc. We also have a large laundry room equipped with two washer and dryer sets, storage and a large freezer. We have been very blessed and are incredibly thankful to those who support us and have allowed this dream to become a reality for many children!

picture1.jpg Living Room
Our living room. This room includes a television with VHS/DVD player and additional seating. This room is attached to the great room/game room.
cimg2629-copy1.jpg The Great Room/Game Room
This is the great room/game room. The children watch television, play video games, board games, and access the computers in this room.
picture2.jpg Dining Room
This is our dining room. We have seating available for twelve adults. The children eat here for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also use this room to work on homework, projects, and special events.
cimg2619.jpg Kitchen
This is our kitchen. We are very blessed to have plenty of cabinet space, two refrigerators, and other appliances.
cimg2622.jpg Kitchen
This is one of the beds and desks in the children’s bedrooms. Their are two beds, desks, and chest drawers for each child to use. There is a walk-in closet and a full bathroom in each room. Each of the five bedrooms has a different theme, color, and bed spreads.